May 072013

Have you heard or met people who tried Phoenix Tears and it did not work for them? I have. In fact I would say that perhaps only 50% of the people that I know of who have taken it are successful with it. Why? Here’s a hint: it’s not the oil. In every single case that I know of people that the oil didn’t work they did not follow the complete protocol. I have supplied the oil to dozens of people, yet only maybe 20% order more than the first 5 grams.

Phoenix Tears Oil is not a “quick fix”. You don’t take it for a week and cure cancer. It is a long road taking 3, 4 sometimes even 5 months or longer of daily around the clock treatment. If you want the oil to work you MUST follow the protocol:

- Take the oil around the clock. First thing in the morning, then the afternoon then again before going to bed. I understand that not everyone can take high quantities of oil first thing in the morning as they have a job or kids, but they can take *some* oil in the morning. You have to be dedicated and realize that you are going to be pretty stoned for quite a long time. I have seen people go through this personally and it’s hard. They needed constant encouragement and support to keep taking it around the clock.

- Increase your dosage as much as possible every few days. The one-gram a day is not possible for some people who have a low tolerance. That’s OK. The important thing is that you are pushing your personal limits every day. You want to get as much of the oil in you in as short a time as possible. This is a must!

- Don’t stop! Most people with cancer need to take at least 60 grams for a cure..sometimes more, sometimes less. Keep it up!

In addition to the oil it is very important to make some serious lifestyle changes. I was going to write up a large list of things that I strongly recommend doing, but I found this on the “green passion” forum by a user named LAD 525 who was talking about the people he sees that have success with the oil, so I am reposting it here:

1. Stop eating sugar.
2. Stop drinking all alcohol
3. Stop eating processed foods.
4. Stop including neurotoxins such as ASPARTAME, MSG AND FLUORIDE in their diets. Remember that a lot of bottled water now has FLUORIDE added to it!
5. Remove any and all environmental toxins from their living space. This includes air fresheners, toxic cleaning products, plug in room fresheners (HIGHLY TOXIC), any chemically-made perfume, etc.
6. Begin to juice green ORGANIC produce and ingest that at LEAST TWICE A DAY. These include beets, celery, kale.
7. Consume superfood, dense GREEN powders, especially CHLORELLA AND SPIRULINA. Both of these remove heavy metals and aid in liver detox.
8. Consume some other highly effective herbs that improve immune function. These have included: bovine colostrum, chaga tea/extract, reishi SPORE EXTRACT, a product called Del-Immune, and others.
9. Consume strong antioxidants. The popular one I’m seeing is Trans-Max (Biotiva makes this) and Astaxanthin (purchased from Dr. Mercola.) Both of these are so strong that only 2 capsules each a day is needed.
10. Consume up to 20,000 IU of Vitamin D3 DAILY with one capsule of K2 (K2 from and D3 from Life Extension) ***I’m not promoting any of these brands. I’m just telling you what brands these people are using.
11. Moderate exercise OUTDOORS that does not exhaust.
12. Sun exposure (full body, nude is best.)
13. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM changed their mindset. They sourced out their anger issues and released it. Some said that using the RSO and vaping a nice meditative strain at night, helped them find the “source of their pain that was deep in their soul.” (Quote from one patient.) One man said that “it was as if the oil allowed me to see my pain and then evaporate it.” I don’t think you can really resolve cancer without also rising up and addressing all those buried secrets in your life and buried emotional pain that often contributed to the seed that started the cancer in the physical body.
14. While only a few did this one, it really seemed to make a difference. They TOOK RESPONSIBILITY 100% AND GREW THEIR OWN HERB. The ones who did this told me that it was as therapeutic as everything else listed here. They bonded with their plants, loved them, nurtured them and even cried when it was time for harvest.
15. Removed themselves from toxic friendships, family connections, etc.
16. Stopped watching ANYTHING on TV or in theaters that was violent or sadistic in nature. (While one of them loved “action films,” he told me that the constant “CG carnage” was just too much.)
17. Spent time in nature. Some walked barefoot on their grass, some went into the mountains and just stared out their car window for hours.
18. Made amends with those they felt they hurt. Some wrote letters, others phoned or visited people to “speak their truth” and apologize for any harm they did.
19. Made love. Yes, some of them told me that reconnecting sexually with their partner was incredible for their healing process.
20. Meditated daily in some form or another. Some told me that it was easier to do this while on the oil because the oil tends to make you more “loose” in the head and able to traverse the outer boundaries.

The bottomline is that you will need to make some major life changes to cure yourself without surgery, radiation, or whatever messed up things the medical establishment wants to do to you. Cancer and other disease can be cured naturally and this healing is greatly enhanced with the use of the oil, but lifestyle changes will be needed.

I hope this helps at least some of you readers to understand the seriousness of embarking on a Phoenix Tears cure. Yes you can be cured, but no one said it was going to be easy!


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Mar 232013

An important way in which Phoenix Tears cannabis oil has helped me in my personal healing from stage 4 cancer has been how it has stimulated my ability to dream while awake. In face, I noticed while on the oil that I stopped dreaming at night. My dreaming, I believe, was taking place throughout the day. This ability to enter the dream state known as Alpha has afforded me the benefit of being able to dream while being conscious. My Naturopath pointed out to me the theory that disease begins in the brain. Thus is we can change the way we think about disease, how we think about our bodies, then we can create change in the dense matter of our flesh and blood.

I have noticed great changes in my body, mind and spirit as a result of being able to more fully and creatively imagine a world in which I am completely healed. The positive emotions that are generated from this ability have helped me to release my mind from feeling such emotions as frustration, impatience, despondency, fear, anger and the feelings I had that I had somehow deserved what what happening to me. Cannabis came as a great Mother teacher to show me how to generate self love in my mind so that my body could benefits from this compassionate nurturing.

I have consciously and spontaneously created visualizations and affirmations which are designed to align the vibration of my body with new and positive outcomes. This has been crucial as the ability to create a positive, clear vision of healing in the brain serves as a catalyst for the changes in my mental and emotional state that were needed to be able to create in my brain a new reality that involves for me complete and radical healing. Additionally, this ability helped me in being able to feel calmer and optimistic and to be able to feel comfort and states of bliss even in the midst of great suffering.

From a beginning when I could just barely imagine getting through the next day, I have been able to create a reality in which not only am I completely healed, but rejuvenated and renewed, stronger than I have been since birth as all the places of pain and fear and doubt have been fleshed out and replaced with empowering, positive outcomes. I feel this has led to an internal climate in which I have been able to create healing for my body, mind, emotions, and spirit. I’m so glad I found this important tool for healing!


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Jan 122013

Every few days I come across yet another success story. This one is about a young boy who suffered from severe epileptic seizures. His father is not only brave enough to put him on the oil, but documents it on youtube! After four days there has been no epileptic seizures. I would love to see a follow video of this. Can the Phoenix Tears oil really cure epilepsy? I don’t doubt it at all! There are many CBD receptors in the brain so it makes total sense that this could work. If you have epilepsy and have used this RSO oil to treat your epilepsy please send me a note. I would love to hear about it!

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Dec 282012

phoenixtearsstoryFinally got this ebook and read it (luckily finished before my Kindle had a fatal mishap!). Here’s my take on it. First off I want to say that I couldn’t put the book down…I finished it in two sittings. The story is fascinating. A man discovers how a cannabis concentrate can cure cancer and other diseases. He sets about growing tons of it and giving it away for free. His idea is wildly successful and he cures hundreds (thousands?) of people.  He is subsequently prosecuted by the Canadian government, escapes the country and is now exiled in Europe. What a story!

Now for the not so good…unfortunately Rick is not a skilled writer. From a “critic” point of view the prose is just awful. This is often the case with people who have great stories to share but are not writers.   Towards the end of the book, Rick details how he was contacted by High Times to write his story. They were going to have a professional writer work with him and the book would have been given wide distribution.  Rick didn’t like their terms, so instead of negotiating better terms with them he just tells them to go screw! The result? A poorly written and edited book that will have very limited distribution. This is unfortunate as I believe that this is one of the greatest medical discoveries ever and his story needs to be told!

With that said the book is a really interesting read and I recommend it. You get to know Rick well through it and he is unflinchingly honest. What kind of a person risks his freedom to grow hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of marijuana and give it away? Rick totally rocks in my mind, even if in his own words he often come across as stubborn and cranky (and I get the impression he probably would agree that he is stubborn and cranky!)

He is also quite naive about the legal system when the book starts out, but gets educated fast. In many ways I find it quite unfortunate that he was so blatantly obvious in his breaking the law. At one point he even goes on a radio show and tells everyone he is growing hundreds of plants in his back yard. Not the smartest thing, but I do admire his balls in doing stuff like that.  On the other hand he could still be providing medicine to people if he had been stealthier. But I guess it takes all types and some people just need to fight the power in a very public way.

One thing I could have done without is him putting in his opinions about many other unrelated topics and conspiracy theories.  Referencing fringe people like Alex Jones and David Icke will no doubt discredit him among many people and does nothing to further the cause of the book.  Any good editor would’ve suggested taking that stuff out.

So in summary if you have interest in Phoenix Tears I highly recommend this book in spite of the amateur writing. The story is fascinating and the many anecdotes about people that he treated with the oil were both informative and inspiring.  Also in buying the book you will be giving financial support to Rick who I believe really could use it. You can purchase the book at


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Dec 272012

Welcome! I have been studying and experimenting with Phoenix Tears oil for almost five months now. My partner was diagnosed with cancer in the spring of 2012.  We decided to try to treat it through holistic methods and she began enzyme therapy under the guidance of a naturopath as well as numerous other treatments. A few months later nothing much had happened. She wasn’t getting worse as her oncologist had said she would, but she wasn’t getting better either. It was then that I came across Phoenix Tears. After some searching I was able to obtain some. Four months later my partner was cancer free! As there are not too many resources for this miracle-oil I wanted to put this up to share my experiences as well as any news and other information I come across. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below and I will do my best to answer.

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